Philatelic Covers



A number of philatelic covers were produced for the H.I.DX.A. DXpedition to Heard Island in 1983.


The front cover is postmarked Kingston, Tasmania Jan 5 1983 and the back carries the H.I.DX.A logo.


We also have a few special envelopes which are  stamped Port aux France, Kerguelen 3 - 2 1983 - the day the S/S Cheynes II called in there to take onboard water on the way to Heard Island. It is necessary to contact us first if you want one of these special covers.



Preparing Philatelic Covers on Heard Island 1983


H.I.DX.A. still have some of these covers for sale at US$ 5.00 each (US$10 for the special ones) plus an IRC (or US$2) for the postage.

Only greenstamps are acceptable as bank fees would swallow up the $5.00 and then some!

Order now from:


P.O. Box 90
Norfolk Island

NI 2899

Mastercard and Visa are accepted.

NB: Bank charges for personal cheques are US$ 8.00 each, so please add this amount if you send a cheque.