More Photos of Heard Island taken 1983


Arrival At Heard Island 5 February 1983


Going Ashore on Heard Island



Home Sweet Home! The Old ANARE Base!



US Expediton Building for International Geophysical Year (IGY)


Old ANARE Radio Room (1947-1952)



Setting Up VK0JS/VK0NL Station using existing French ARBEC Hut



VK0JS/VK0NL Operating Area

Jim VK9NS Operating as VK0JS

Bob WA8MOA Operating as VK0JS

Kirsti VK9NL Operating as VK0NL

Walter OE1LO Operating as VK0JS

SoJo Operating as VK0SJ

VK0SJ RTTY, Slowscan and 6M

Kitchen Area

Sleeping Quarters


Views of Heard Island 1983

Remains of Old Whaling Station

‘Big Ben’


Scientific Activity

Hal Heatwole Measuring Ground Temperature


Leaving Heard Island

The Dingy Just Before it Sank!!

Anaconda’ Yacht Helping to get our Mountaineers Off Heard