Willis Island VK9WW 1992

In 1992 H.I. DX.A. chartered as small floatplane for the trip to Willis Island. This tiny speck (some 12 square miles) in the Pacific Ocean is occupied by four persons from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and H.I.DX.A.was given permission to set up the amateur radio stations in one of the outbuildings. The three operators, Jim VK9NS, Atsu, VK2BEX and Kirsti, VK9NL spent one week on the Island with Jim and Atsu using the call VK9WW and Kirsti using her own call VK9NL/W. The latter in order to distinguish her operation as a YL operation.

Even the tiniest speck in the ocean where humans have lived and worked has its history. Kirsti spent her spare time getting to know the Island and reading some of the literature which was available in the Island's library. She has written about the Island and our stay there in her book "QRV, A DXer's Life for Me."

The fact that H.I.DX.A. travelled by air, enabled aerial photographs to be taken of Willis Island. Something no other DXpedition to there has been able to provide.

Willis Island from the Air