Wake Island W1RZ/KH9 1996

In Jun/July of 1996 Jim, VK9NS travelled to Wake Island on the invitation of Tom, AH9AC. Jim, who had recently been to the U.S.A where he had passed his U.S.A. Extra Class license exam, decided this was an excellent opportunity to use his new call WR1Z. But first he had to obtain permission from the Base Commander on Wake Island. Telephone calls and faxes soon had the matter okayed and Jim set off on the first leg of the journey to Hawaii via New Zealand.  Rick, KH6JEB (now a SK) was very helpful and was very knowledgeable about Wake etc.

A couple of days later Jim was on his way to Kwajalein onboard a military jet - flying backwards to Wake - as he put it. This was because passengers are seated backwards on U.S. military planes. And Jim kept thinking of an old GOONS recording "flying backwards to Christmas.

After a short stop-over on Kwajalein, Jim arrived on Wake Island where he was met by Tom. With considerable help from Sam, a ham who was doing some installation work on Wake Island, power was soon on line to the building Jim had been allocated and Sam and Jim spent half the night getting Sam's beam, a TH7DXX together. With the help of a cherry picker, they got the beam lifted up on the tower next morning before Sam left for Kwajalain. Jim was then ready and willing to open up with WR1Z/KH9.